Voucher Terms

Voucher and Special Offer Codes Terms and Conditions.

The voucher codes advertised and distributed via emails, letters and adverts are all identical in their value and purpose. They can be shared and passed-on to any other person/company but cannot be sold or redeemed in any other method other than via the checkout on this website.

The basic rules:

1. You must be registered on this site and logged in to be able to redeem a voucher.

2. Each registered account can only redeem ONE voucher.

3. Multiple or duplicate accounts used to redeem multiple vouchers will be combined or closed.

4. The voucher can be redeemed on any purchase.

5. The voucher cannot be redeemed after the purchase.

If you have any further queries please contact us:


0808 178 4864


Or via the live chat on “most” pages.

REMEMBER – Each registered user can only use this offer once irrespective of which code is used.


the GasBoilerParts Team.

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